Research Suites and Services

iBurbia Studios has two large, bright research suites with mirror and screen based viewing rooms:

The Blue Research Suite

2 Blue Room Inside (large)










The Blue Suite is the largest of our research suites, with a respondents room 6m long x 4m wide and a double viewing room with integral breakout lounge. There is also a waiting room seperate from the suite to accommodate respondents.

Click here for more information and photos of the Blue Research Suite.


The Green Research Suite

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The Green Suite is 5m long x 4m wide and comes with a wide range of media playout facilities and tech support for media stimulus and creative thinking. As well as the viewing room there is a nearby waiting room for respondents or for use as a breakout room.

Click here for more information and photos of the Green Research Suite.  


Large Research Space

If you have a research project with really big stimulus or need a big space to set up staging, or retail mock-ups take a look at our research space.


Research Services


All your research recruitment needs under one roof, with close and personal attention from professional recruiters onsite, and a well managed UK-wide consumer database. 

Research Equipment & Technology

Everything you need from sophisticated digital recording facilities, a wide array of media devices and boxes, and scientific measurement tools such as eye-tracking, GSR and EEG.

Moderators & Translation

Professional moderation, analysis, and report writing, as well as simultaneous translation and transcription services.