Research Technology & Services

iBurbia offers 'best in class' research and technology at all iBurbia Studios around the UK to ensure your research fieldwork always delivers:


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Tracking eye-gaze and eye movement of websites, videos and other stimulus with industry standard eye-tracking equipment from Tobii. Trained staff are onsite to set up the equipment to your needs, and provide analysis and reporting of the results if required.


Concept Testing

Concept Testing

Host and test a concept or model on a variety of different platforms. Test online prototypes via our Apache server, test mobile apps on mobile devices via Testflight, test Smart TV apps on Smart TV's via our developer accounts with device manufacturers, and test pay TV concepts with 'backdoor' access to our Pay TV set top boxes. 



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Biometric tracking equipment for scientific research into physical response to stimulus. 

- Measure brain activity with EEG technology from Emotiv

- Measure skin-based response to stimulus, such as excitement or engagement, with GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) technology

- Track elicited emotional states using facial expression tracking with Affidex technology


Video Streaming

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Stream and view iBurbia Studios focus groups from anywhere in the world using FocusVision, the industry standard in qualitative fieldwork streaming. iBurbia also offers a secondary video streaming service of Stream Team.  Click here for more information on both video streaming services. 


Sophisticated Digital Recording

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All qualitative sessions are recorded in high-quality digital format, so you get to take your footage away immediately.  Video is crisp and colourful, using proper video cameras, rather than wall-mounted webcams. Capture multiple angles or multiple views, using a wide array of recording setups, with the option of including 'picture-in-picture' feeds of a stimulus.